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Main trends of our activities...
Scientific research and pilot design works, in trapping the nitrogen and sulfur oxides from industrial smoke emissions; quasi-industrial tests (the rate of trapping 95-98%).

Scientific-research works on trapping the wool grease from sewage of a plant situated near Moscow of primary treatment of wool (the rate of grease recovery 95%).

Scientific-research works on sorption of strontium and other heavy metals from water environments.

Elaboration of three dummies of a highly sensitive device to plasma emission spectrometers and the software product appended thereto. The device enlarges the functional scope of the Western spectrometers, notably boosting their sensitivity by the order of magnitude 2-3, also enabling one to determine not only the elements' concentration, but also their chemical form, this being of crucial importance for determining the degree of toxicity of elements.

This product has attracted the interest of leading instrument making companies, to quote but a few: "PERKIN-ELMER" (USA), "SPECTRO" (Germany), "PHILIPS" (Great Britain), "JOBIN-IVON" (France); the medical center of the Georgetown University, the Health Institute of Norway, etc.

Jointly with the instrument making company of France "JOBIN-IVON" (KOMEF), we carried out tests of the above device, attached to the plasma emission spectrometers produced by Jobin-Ivon. The positive results obtained have been recorded. We have decided, as soon as financially feasible, to launch the joint production.

International patenting of our own designs. Already finalized has been the implementation of the patented know-how in the enterprises of aviation industry and Ministry of Nuclear Energy of the Russian Federation.

Participation of "VarTech International Co." at international conferences with plenary papers on various spectrometry and toxicology related topics, including those concerning homeopathic cocktails, helping the organism of people living and employed in the areas of industrial enterprises to remove the compounds Al, as well as some other heavy metals.

Study of donor blood and blood-based preparations, for detection of Al content, the research of potable water and aspirin. The blood of our donors and the preparations, being infused, as a matter of fact, as antistress medication to newborn babies have revealed the heightened aluminum content. Toxicity of aluminum has lately been in the limelight. In 1994, we were invited by the Health Institute of Norway to report on our research at a major symposium, dedicated to solely that problem.

Funding of homeopathic treatment of victims of radiation (Chernobyl disaster). The attempts to propose our designs to Belarus turned out abortive, due to the antagonism and counterproductive stance of the medical red tape, awaiting at the same time a regular sponsor donation from Germany

Accreditation of the analytic laboratory of "VarTech International Co." by Russian Standard (Rosstandard) and "DANAK" (the Danish quality system, the initial two stages), for technical competency and independence in the area of assay of metals.

Purchase of the building and a plot of land, for housing the scientific research center.

Acquisition of the instrument park for scientific research center.

The project "Comprehensive solution of ecological issues in the places of crude oil extraction and refining" was elaborated by our company. The park of plant and equipment for liquidation of oil spreads has been established , adapted specially for Russian conditions.

Large investments have been made in NPF "Rossiyskaja neft", as well as into the Finnish company - manufacturer of brush skimmers for purification of oil spreads.

Charity activities