Herewith we are submitting to your consideration the proposition to cooperate in field of commercial ecology. Underlie the relations we believe should be your capabilities and interests and exclusive intellectual property of "VarTech International Co.". The pilot phase of the said cooperation could well be the realization of the project BJ-16. Our company is author and executor of this project.

Under the data of the survey of the State Mines Technical Supervision of Russian Federation, Russia witnesses annually ca. 30 thousand breakdowns on oil production pipelines and 50 breakdowns on main oil pipelines. The long years of operating the oil refineries have resulted in significant volumes of oil slime, fuel oil spreads and soil polluted by fuel oil. The rivers flowing in the regions of oil extraction and oil refineries have been saturated with crude oil, becoming proverbial "oil bearing rivers", whereof a telltale example is the river of Ob. The impending danger of cross border transfer of pollution, including into the Arctic Ocean is clear as day, at the current moment. The scales and consequences of this ecological calamity, as assessed by experts, are next to only the Chernobyl disaster.

The project BJ-16 envisages the industrial recovery of oil from the surface of water and soil, its on-the-spot preliminary purification and subsequent pumping into the production pipeline. The equipment for the said project adapted to natural climatic conditions prevalent in the CIS have been elaborated by our company, on the basis of a Finnish manufacturing company. The international patent and exclusive rights in the CIS are the outcome of a significant financial and intellectual investments made by "VarTech International Co." from 1989.
The project BJ-16 has been elaborated in detail.

Currently available are the project and technological economic documentation for realization of phased works during a five-year period, with the use of Western and domestic equipment at the estimated cost of 170 mln. USD; available, too is the necessary contractual basis (in need of updating) with Western and Russian partners. The project has been supported by the Government of the Russian Federation, with two respective Decrees issued by the Council of Ministers. The project envisages the development and use of domestic and western scientific-technological basis under the scheme: recovery of pollutants, their recycling, reclamation of soils and reservoirs.