Legal Advice

We are servicing multinational companies and Russian companies looking to comprehensive legal support both within Russia, Ukraine and in international markets.

We provide high consultancy services in the following practice areas:

- civil law;
- financial law;
- corporate law;
- contract law;
- labor law;
- tax law.

We also give legal opinion and forecast on foreign trade transactions, investment protection issues and other related areas.

Over the years we have accrued substantial experience protecting and achieving our clients’ objectives in the courts of Finland, Sweden and Russia.


By successful realization of several own projects, our company has acquired substantial practical experience in the area of franchising.

Franchising is a system of business organization when one company sells another company rights to provide services or sell products according to certain rules and in the frames of a certain structured system.

Franchise (franchise package) is a full business-scheme which Franchisor sells to Franchisee. It includes: franchising manuals, instructions for personnel, contractual basis, design, trade mark and other important constituents, owned by Franchisor. Franchising is a good way to secure investor's money on his first steps in new market. It gives an opportunity to adjust investor's business strategy before starting his own operations in the market.

We specialize in consultancy and provide support in order to:

- create franchise package and adjust it to local market;
- start franchise activities in Russia;
- build franchise chain;
- receive legal support on franchising related matters;

For additional information regarding our legal services please contact us.