This method in comparison with other known methods is notable for simple technology, high degree of cleaning (99-100%) and cost-efficiency.

In the proposed technology we use the sorbent that is the product of thermo-electric power station smoke wastes. This wastes are forming by shale burning. This sorbent being the waste of other technology is very accessible, and cost-effective. It has finally divided condition with the garnule size of 70 mkm, point of toughness - 3,6 - 4, could be easily unloaded from different reservoirs and also could easily be dosed by pneumatic disperser or pneumatic dose apparatus, what makes application of the sorbent more simplified.

This sorbent has high sorption capacity (0.8 tons of SOx per 1 ton of sorbent) and has active alkaline neutralizing ability owing to content of alkaline metals such as calcium, potassium, magnesium and sodium. Besides that, the sorbent shows properties of coagulant, flocculant, sorbent, chemical reagent (owing to presence of oxides of wide ring of elements in the sorbent, including silicon, aluminum, iron, titanium and manganese) and catalyst of organic substance oxidation. Besides above mentioned combinations the sorbent contains much microelements, which could show themselves as catalysts of different reactions, that take place during the cleaning process.

All mentioned above allows by using proposed sorbent to provide not only high degree of cleaning (up to 100%), but also by application of the know-how to influence on structural processes and get as the result of cleaning solid residuum. The properties of this residuum are similar to portlant-cement. It could be used in road building, etc.

So, the proposed method provides comprehensive solution of the ecological problem - we use the wastes of another production that pollute area around thermo-electric power stations, which work on shale. It is a big ecological problem, because microelements that contain in shale ash after washed away are changing to active form. But the active form of microelements is a source of many terrible deceases for people, that live in the area of thermo-electric power stations.

After smoke emissions cleaning from sulphur and nitrogen oxides and receiving solid residuum we have ecological clean building material. The technology is approbated in course of semi-industrial tests on PO "Fosforit", Maardu, Estonia.

The method is secured by international patent.