The scientific studies

  • The technology of the waste water purification
  • The technology of the industrial smoke exhaust purification
  • The development of analysis procedure to the test the smallest concentrations of elements
  • Instrumental analysis

Researches executed in our Scientific Center's laboratories. Analytical laboratory of Scientific Center of our company accreditated by Gosstandard of Russia for technical competency and independence in the area of assay of metals.

Scientific Center in different years was a member of the association "ANALYTICA" (where the analytical laboratories of the former USSR have been united) and also was an active participant of the EURACHEM.

Investment projects

  • Development and execution of ecological programs
  • Project "Comprehensive solution of ecological issues in the places of crude oil extraction and refining"

  • Delivering of the equipment to reprocess the wastes including brush skimmers for oil-carrying wastes
  • Project "Low-waste processing of Siberian wood" for extraction of ecologically pure components

The capital investment programs include consideration of all aspects of the preplanned analytical, technological and organizational activities.


  • Legal advice: Russian civil, corporate, contract, financial, labour and tax law; consultancy on minimizing investment risks.
  • Franchising: start up consultancy; creating franchise package for Russian market, including franchise manual, standards, personell requirements, etc.; building franchise chain; procuring and qualifying of suppliers; providing day-by-day operation.